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Our book, Getting Past the Publishing Gatekeepers:
Winning the Hearts of Agents, Publishers, Editors,
and Readers,  was written with aspiring authors in mind.

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Announcing – A new book written by four industry professionals

An agent, a publisher, an editor, and a reader/blogger/influencer combine their dozens of years of experience into one easy-to-understand volume. Each co-author shares tips and tidbits on what industry professionals in their respective areas of expertise are looking for.

Our book is available in Kindle eBook (and Kindle Unlimited), Paperback, and Hardcover. An Audible audiobook edition is in production and will be available soon.


Getting Past the Publishing Gatekeepers

Winning the Hearts of Agents, Publishers, Editors, and Readers

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Remember when Dorothy finally reached the Emerald City only to be halted by the Gatekeeper, blocking her hopes of seeing the Great and Powerful Wizard?

The path to publication is like that. Agents, and Editors, and Publishers, oh, my! Each one is a barrier between you and a publishing contract.

But what if you understood what agents, editors, publishers, and readers really want?

If you’re struggling to get past the publishing gatekeepers, this book will give you a behind-the-scenes peek at how to win the heart of each type of publishing professional. In fact, Getting Past the Publishing Gatekeepers doesn’t just give you a peek-it gives you a guided tour. In this book, four publishing professionals–an agent, a publisher, an editor, and an influencer–share what it takes to unlock each “gate” within the publishing industry.

Getting Past the Publishing Gatekeepers is a must-have resource for all aspiring authors, and it offers insights to help multi-published authors as well.

Meet the Gatekeepers!

These four co-authors have dozens of years of combined experience in the publishing world.


Hope Bolinger, Acquisitions Editor
End Game Press


Linda Fulkerson, Owner
Scrivenings Press


Rowena Kuo, CEO
Brimstone Books


Carrie Schmidt, Influencer
Reading is My Super Power

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What others are saying …

Patricia Bradley, author of the Natchez Trace Park Rangers series

Getting Past the Publishing Gatekeepers is a treasure trove of suggestions for authors on what to do and what not to do with that finished manuscript, and eventually the finished book.

Melony Teague, co-author of As the Ink Flows, Devotions for Writers & Speakers

Want to position yourself to break through the barriers you face in the game of publishing? Then, Getting Past the Publishing Gatekeepers is the honest, heart-to-heart you never knew you needed.

Susan Miura, author, speaker, editor

Seasoned and aspiring authors alike will appreciate these direct, simple answers to “who does what?” in the publishing industry.

Dani Pettrey, award-winning author of the Coastal Guardians series

I highly recommend this book for all authors. You’ll walk away with great insight and newfound appreciation for readers who put their hearts behind our books.

Toni Shiloh, author of In Search of a Prince

There are suggestions that can help the novice writer as well as the multi-published author. Be prepared to take notes!

Jacqueline F. Wheelock, author of God, Send Sunday

If you are looking for a clearly written, experience-backed summation of the too-often painful process of becoming a published author, Gatekeepers is your book.

Amanda Dykes, author of Whose Waves These Are, the 2020 Christy Award Book of the Year

If you’ve ever looked at the vast landscape of the book world and wondered, “how can my story find its way to the readers it was written for?”—this book holds practical, do-able, and exciting steps to make it not only possible, but enjoyable.

Stephenia H. McGee, award-winning author of The Secrets of Emberwild

With practical tips and useful takeaways, each chapter packs a punch. A survival guide no author should miss.